Fusible link battery connections

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Oct 22, 2003
Juneau, AK
So, I splurged for Dearborn's FJ62 replacement battery cable kit, which includes a replacement fusible link. One item that I expected to get, but didn't, was the piece that apparently plugs into the link before connecting to the positive battery terminal. In my case, this stock piece is in poor shape and should be replaced. Anyone know if it has a name, and where I could locate it? C-Dan, I guess. A photo of a good setup would be welcome.
Not exactly sure what you're asking, but if you mean how do you connect the FL to the battery, use one of the ring connectors in the "kit" ... The original pos cable had the FL connection molded into the terminal clamp.
There are two pos connections on the FJ62. One of them is just a cable and the other one incorporates 5 wires. Three of these wires come from one fusible link, one wire from another link, and one wire from the alternator. I'm beginning to think I got the FJ60 kit by mistake. I believe that the FL connection I need would have two female plug ends to connect with the two FLs, plus one short alternator wire hook up in a little black box connection.
Yeah, I'm not familiar with the 62 set up -- if you think you may have the wrong kit, look on his website urbanlandcruisers.com and he has descriptions and pix of 60 and 62 kits ...

Sure is a nice kit thought, isn't it? Those cables are massive!
Just talked to David on the phone. Yup, I got the wrong kit! Great customer service getting back to me though. His link combines all 5 wires into one connection at the battery, which will be sweet.
The cables look like they belong on a solar panel setup. It will be a nice upgrade.

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