Funny noise?

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Mar 10, 2010
Butte, MT
Seems that when i go uphill and step on the gas im getting a strange noise underneath my feet, kind of a banging sound. In 2wheel drive with the hubs unlocked it doesnt do it, but in 4wheel or 2wheel with the hubs locked, i get the noise.

Any ideas?
no ideas?
Since it only occurs with front drive engaged it's probably the front drive shaft U-joint rubbing on the skid plate just in front of the transfer case output.
Have to agree. It is between the transfer case and the front hub or hubs. should be fairly easy diagnosis. If it is under foot, I would check front u-joints / drive shaft first. start at the transfer case and move forward step by step so as to not skip over something. good luck.
Have you double checked all the fastners after the lift was installed?
Check your eyelets on your front springs to make sure you have clearance between them and your frame as well as your shackles. Make sure all U-Bolts are tight and re-torqued.
Found the problem today. When going uphill and the angle of the driveline was changed it was rubbing on the skidplate. Put some spacers on to drop the skidplate a bit. Easy fix

Thanks for the replies

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