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Keeping it Weird
Sep 15, 2004
Austin, TX
If any of you were at the last meeting, you'd know that we are trying to come up with some fund raising ideas to help the club generate some cash for Round Up and other club related activities (wheeling and bbq in Bastrop?).

Here are some ideas:

1) Set up stands with Toyota Trails and a donation box at local shops/vendors/dealers (4Wheel Parts, Charles Maund Toyota, Classic Toyota...etc). This was Brian Ventura's idea by the way. He said he had stacks of TT's to donate to the cause.

2) Car wash...We can raise tons of money if we get Jason Kenne to wash cars in a bikini. :censor:

3) Sell T-Shirt/Baseball caps/Stickers.

4) Have Henry donate his Princess to the club (tax write off) and do a raffle for $100/ticket. :doh:

So please post up ANY idea you may have...we need the help.
Ideas from Rachel..

- A poker party - $5/hand, then 1/2 the pot goes to the club.

- garage sale (everyone donate and have the sale at one house all to the
benefit of the club)

- create and sell calendars from pics of our trucks and wheeling, have
it printed with austin lslc

- make and sell foods (sandwiches and baked goods) at local wheeling events

- swap meet - admission fee and some% of things sold goes to club

- ask a store or mall to let us set up a gift wrapping booth during
"holiday" seasons (easter, mother's day, father's day, christmas, etc) -
specified amount per package/size

- ask a local gas station to let us pump gas and wash windows for a
specified donation
Build a trail rig and raffle it off. Have a build up thread on Mud for publicity.
The main reason for this is for a charitable (to late to spell) Fund. We always try to donate way to late. This year we are starting the fund raising early and we will have enough to donate to some one or some thing that needs it....

How about a wheelathon.

Whe can set up a wheeling event at Trees Gilmer or anywhere else. We can take donations but set it up or get donators to pay per obstical..... then have a prize for the person that raises the most money.


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