Full floor mat for an early 72

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Nov 27, 2010
West Virginia
I've done some searching on this forum, but can't seem to find much information concerning mats. I would like to put down the full floor mats in my 40, but don't know what would work better. I've read that the Aussie type mat is really nice, but it's pricey and seems to be unavailable...so, does anyone have any information on these two mats?

-CCOT 4pce set (black) for $207. Seems to cover the entire front of the tub, and has a "heavy" mat for the back.

-SOR tuff liner (black) for $118 + $85 rear mat. Comes in diamond plate texture ( which I don't particularly care for)
Specter Off-Road Land Cruiser Parts - Page 345 Land Cruiser Floor & Cargo Liner

Both have no cut-out holes and need to be trimmed. Anyone have any experience with either, or perhaps has information on a mat that I'm overlooking?
I picked up this rubber mat from my local home depot. You could buy two and trim the second to fit the edges completely, but one covers almost the entire back bed. I don't have jump seats so the mat just lays down on the floor and keeps the dog from sliding around too much.

Shop Style Selections 36" x 36" Rubber Door Mat at Lowes.com

I picked these up for the fronts, and they match pretty well with the back mat. They are cut to the proper dimensions for my 9/1970 however i had to trim the back of the mat a bit for my toolbox under the front seat and the passenger side gas tank. Otherwise they fit and look great!

FJ40 Mat Set / Front – 2 Piece Rubber – 1963 - 9/1972

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