Fuel Water Seperator Advice

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Jan 25, 2008
Birmingham, Alabama
I am installing a 3B in a gas FJ60 body. Can someone with experience suggest an aftermarket fuel water sperator system to bolt on the fender/firewall???


There is usually a good selecion with pics on ebay and the prices are good.
Mount it as low as possible. Too high and it could allow air to enter the system. I have that problem on my '55 with a 3B conversion and I'll be going to an OEM separator on the frame rail.
Do you have a model or part number on the racor?? Thanks

The 460 series is good, there are a few different sizes out there, personally id get the biggest one that would fit. they are also avalible with a water alarm and a pre heater.
I was told I could get one for around a $100/can. or so at Lordco in Canada but haven't tried yet.....going to call Lordco and Toyota will post on how it goes...

the OEM part # is 23930-58020 also reads 086400-009 below that on the sticker
120AP i think is the model # for a bj60..I found it on their website..

I think am going with the oem style again worth putting it back on the frame in a near stock location
The 120AP was the model I was going to put in my BJ-42. It's the 'shortest' of the diesel separators that are rated for the flow needed. Some of the Racor models are 10-12 inches long, so be careful when looking on E-bay. Wouldn't want it hanging down too far from the frame. Just a thought.

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