Fuel vent hoses 72 FJ55

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Jun 8, 2022
Mill Valley, CA
I recently had the gas tank cleaned and now reinstalling, Seems one of the vent hoses is in need of replacement. The OD of the vent hose w/ the proper ID is not a common size in fuel grade rubber line from a local parts store. The issue is fitting the hose back through the body which has a rubber gomet that fits snug. Is it advisable to use a vaccum hose? It seems thats the only hose I can find with the proper demension to fit though the hole on the body. ID 10mm OD 13mm, most lines fuel grage are 15mm OD. Another work around would be to use the old hose portion thats in decent shape and use a metal coupler and couple the new, piece on the outside going to the tank.


fuel vent hose.jpg

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