Fuel Vapor Issue, seemed really strange

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May 20, 2007
St. Stephens Church, VA
Ran some errands in the truck today, parked it on the street around 1pm. Total run time was around 30 minutes. The street has a slight slope, so the filler door was on the down side. Temps today were in the low seventies.

Took the kids to the circus, got home around 6:30 when the wife notices a drip from the rear splash guard. It was a slow gas drip from the cap. I loosened the cap a bit and fuel sprayed out under great pressure. I started the truck to see if that would relieve the pressure, which it did not. After shutting the rig down, I opened the cap fully, which resulted in quite a bit of fuel gushing out before a huge air burp released. I ran a search here and it seems I need to check a few things:

A. The charcoal canister
B. The lines inside the quarter panel for clogs
C. ?

Any thoughts or suggestions on what else I should be checking?

Also, it seems that some fuel may have been leaking from the gasket area inside where the filler tube attaches to the body. I am assuming that this was due to the pressures involved.
Is it an aftermarket gascap? If so, is it a vented model? A vented model may help release the pressure build up...

Did you ever have Capri Sun juice pouches when you were a kid? Did you ever "pressurize" them by blowing through the straw? Then it would come shooting out...
It is an aftermarket cap, but this cap has been in use for almost ten years, so I can't imagine it is now the culprit. I am about to dig into it in an hour or so. I may go ahead and replace the cap anyhow, because there is some cracking of the rubber at the contact points.

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