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Oct 28, 2003
Hi guys, my '77 FJ-40 has a small leak in the fuel tank, should i get it repaired (relined, etc.) or should i just buy a poly tank?
If you get it relined you have to pull it all out and send it somewhere, Plus when it comes back it will hold less fuel. as the liner takes up space inside the tank usually.

I would go the poly route if you have the $$ either way you have to pull the tank.
New OEM steel tank still available for around $300. Also, you lose volume
when you go to POLY as well. I bet you can find a used steel tank from
CRUISERPARTS for less than $100 but I have not checked.
If the problem is just a small pinhole, theres many fixes for it. Por15 makes a kit, JB weld would do, and I'm sure there are others. If it's a big hole, either get a good used tank or fix yours. If you look at posts on the poly tank on this board and others, there is a vapor leak problem. Not something I would like in cab, kinda scary.
I have heard of several problems with the poly tank. I'de fix what was there ;) I'de also make sure there was a charged fire extinguisher in the cab :D
I've used the Por-15 kit with success on a rusty tank that had lots of flakes and chunks that would clog the fuel lines and filter but no actual leaks.

It takes 2 days and is non toxic, durable, and easy to do yourself.
Sounds stupid, but check marine supply houses for quality boat tanks. My friend replaced the tank in his 40 with a poly boat tank and he gets no vapors and he picked up exactly 1 gallon of capacity over stock. It fits in the hole pretty perfectly (I recall he had to space the cover up with 2 washers) but other than that required very little work.) I also think it was only 40 bucks but i could be wrong about that.

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