fuel tank swap?

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Oct 24, 2006
northern idaho
Hello all,
have any of you swapped a fuel tank from an FJ to an BJ or visa versa? My tank is leaking fairly bad, and I think it would be easier for me to obtain a used gas tank rather than a used diesel tank without a real long drive. It appears that shipping used fuel tanks is not looked upon real highly. Any suggestions?
Thanks cody will do,
BTW, those spacers are still hanging out if you want them when you return.:beer:
How bad a leak? JB weld works wonders on fuel tanks. Just clean it up first, fill it with water to find all the leaks, mark them with sharpie, then jbweld away. This is even done by some the rad repair shops
and highly recommended by quite a few machine shops I've worked at
i will second that JB weld does work

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