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Sep 19, 2008
Central Texas
Hello all,

I’ve been blindly dumping a bottle of Techron into my fuel tanks every oil change for years, I now realize simply because it gave me the feel goods. I have no data to support spending the money..

If we generally use “top tier” fuel (which is just a branding thing, as far as I know).. will any of these extra fuel system cleaners actually help avoid injector and carbon buildup issues?

Is there data anywhere to actually justify this stuff?

Anyone have an alternative treatment with data?

Thanks for any thoughts
I’ll toss out here the thought that sales of fuel system additives, oil additives, and coolant additives all thrive because there is almost no valid, reliable, independent data on whether or not they make a useful difference. That leaves the sales door wide open for good marketing. That said, “feel goods” are important. ;)
Watching for the replies. I do the same thing with Techron or the Redline additive. For the same reason.
I don’t put anything in the fuel tank other than fuel. Just seems like a bad idea to me.
Totally unnecessary on a maintained Toyota engine IMO.
I believe Project Farm has done a few tests on these.
I was just about to post the following..

Well, once again Project Farm delivers.

Seems techron in the amount he used didn't really do anything to clean carbon, at least in that air cooled low compression lawn mower application. Sure did seem to help prevent deposits when used in a clean engine though. Note that his dosing is far higher than most people would use in a car.

First ~half of the video is for techron. Later he runs straight gas to compare.

if you need some sort of additive in your fuel/oil/cooling system/whatever, your problems are much bigger than what the additive says it's going to fix. some may even do more harm than good.
I use Techron fuel system cleaner every 15-20k miles on all my cars. No source on evidence.
based on my use and reviews, bg 44k platinum is the best fuel system cleaner.
very expensive compared to techron though. You could almost use techron every tank of fuel for the cost of 44k. But the cleaning capability itself is far superior.

Looks like the bg's gunk cleaner is also very good in increasing efficiency, compression and reduce oil consumption of engines. Let me know if anyone tried this product of their and your experience.
I am a bit hesitant though as I dont want to start a new oil leak at cam tower or at other seals because of using these cleaners.
Buy gas at the newest gas station in town, with new tanks. Don’t buy when the tanker is there filling the big tanks. Doesn’t help when traveling but most driving is local anyway.

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