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Feb 15, 2009
Tongnoxie Ks.
Hey guys
I have a question for you all. after a good memorial weekend drove over 450 miles round trip,with about 3000lbs of gear 2000lbs of which were a pop-up camper. didnt have any problems with the 62 at all.
so come my first day back to work i notice that i am way down on power.
was going to look into it this weekend. so the wife & I head out friday night to dinner get about 4 block from home and can smell raw gas.so i pop the hood and find that the top of my pulsation damper is wet and can fuel dripping from it.
I go this morning to get VIN for parts dept. to order a new and it has stopped leaking, removed PD cover screw is tight and can see no fuel coming out WTF :bang: can anyone shed some light on this?
Jul 29, 2009
Huntington Beach, CA
My PD went bad at the same time as a leaky injector. Replaced all injectors and the PD and fuel filter, then shortly followed by a bad fuel pressure regulator and then the fuel pump - which failed intermittently. Probably didn't need to replace the injectors.

Seems like I've read on MUD that the PD and FPR like to go bad at nearly the same time on a lot of rigs.

My 62 has a fetish for fuel pumps.

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