Fuel Pump : electric vs Mechanical

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Jul 7, 2007
Cape Town , SA
As part of my rebuild (2F) I am replacing the fuel pump . But I ordered the wrong part ( I ended up with a 3F pump )

The one on the left is what I got and that does not fit ( due to the hinge outside the casing making it too wide to enter the block)

I was advised to rather go electric . My gut feel is to stay with the OEM mechanical as they seem to last well .

Any comments ?
I would stay with the old school mechanical pump, as they last many years and with stock carb, no need for electric pump. No mods required to stay with OEM mechanical pump.
I agree, had mine replaced right before driving it through three mountain passes and most of the northwest some 15k miles ago. The ol'crusty I know on my block reminded me that the OEM has earned it's salt on almost every continent...very true and hard to argue with. Just my .02
Stay mechanical, tried electric and got stranded. OEM works.

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