Fuel Pump Arm Smashed w/ Spacer

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Jun 24, 2006
TarHeel State
I bought a 2F motor for a rebuild on a 72 FJ40. The donor motor did not have a fuel pump, carb, or air intake. The PO said it was out of a 1980 FJ40 so I bought a Fuel pump for that year. When I hooked everything up I was not getting gas to the carb. Long story short, I took the fuel pump off and found the arm pushed up into the pump flange. Clearly it was pushed in beyond design limits. Question is, are the fuel pump rocker arms different for specific years? For the record I did have the spacer installed. Is there a year stamp somewhere on the motor so I know what year the motor actually is?
There's a thread here on mud that lists block numbers. You should be able to figure out what year it is that way.
Not sure what to make of it. The numbers on the forward end of the block is 11411 61013. The number closest to the fire wall is 00128. I would think this is a 1980's motor but does not explain the fuel pump issue....
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61013 is the part number. 79-84 2F block.

00128 is 1980 jan. 28.

there are 2 different part numbers for the spacer. Get the 79-83ish spacer from the dealer. Ditch the chinese fuel pump and get a Kyosan from JoeTLC or a FLAPS.
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I now believe the problem originated at one of the FLAPS, Car Quest. After digging on-line, thier Kyosan pump was not identified correctly. They are selling the 81-87 FJ60 pump P/N 23100-61070 as a 79-84 pump P/N 23100-61050. I'll be going to Joe TLC to get this straight.
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