fuel pick up positioning in tank ?

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May 30, 2013
where the sasquatch&the armadillo roam
just dropped tank yesterday to clean. besides the straps breaking,breaking off the fuel pick up lines,etc. things are going well.
now after JB welding pick up lines,which i hope will last for a little while anyway till i can afford to replace? i can't seem to get the pick up unit in the right position so that the screws/holes on rinf and gasket line up?
i don't want to force it and have it break AGAIN ! i did a search and found nothing that showed how the unit was positioned inside the tank?
any help would be greatly appreciated,as i'm at a stand still right now with a big fat mess.:censor:
I've got the pick up tubes if you need them. Tank straps are gone, though.
You have to "screw" it into place. It took me a 1/2 dozen tries or so to first figure that out and then to get the starting clocking right.
finally got the pick up in ,and aligned with the screw holes! the JB Weld seemed to work ok on the tubes. it seems like the pick up should not be so hard to position,but the baffles really up the challenge.
bottom line,i should have paid more attention when i took it out:doh:

on a positive note, the gas guage now goes to half a tank !

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