fuel line oops

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Oct 30, 2010
Washougal, WA
Ok, I ordered a fuel cell and some fittings and such. the fuel cell uses -8 an fitting size and so I ordered the fittings and matching hose......the hose is replacing my trashed stock fuel lines, and its 1/2 inch rather than the stock 5/8. is that hose too big, as in will I have air gaps or anything ?
I'm using a stock (new) fuel pump on a 79 fj40 and wasn't sure if the fuel hose will be a problem being bigger than stock.
I used larger lines before... as long as the lines get bled they will work fine (If you have a return line plumbed like it is stock its even easier as it will bleed itself. On my truck I had the return blocked so if I ran out of fuel I had to crack the fuel line to bleed the lines...
cool thank you. I do have the return set up so Shouldn't be a big problem then. I just wasn't sure if it would affect fuel delivery in a negative way by having the larger lines.
pretty stoked to get it going again. its been a while waiting and I'll finally get to get it going again!
lol man I hope not. Kinda nice as it will be new lines all the way to fuel fuel filter. once its up and running....its on too building storage in the rear tub area. one thing at a time I guess

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