fuel knock on bj60

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Feb 26, 2003
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Anyone have knocking sound on bj60?
It is more audible when engine is cold.
Just had new head put on, rebuilt injectors and timing adjusted to factory specs.
Mechanic at toyota said it is nothing to worry about unless it gets really loud.
He said he could retard timing but then I would be back to my previous problem of a ton of smoke.
If timing is right it shouldn't knock at all right?
The work was done at toyota.
Hi Jzilla..

I mean you have in you BJ-60 an 3B engine .. is very normal the sound that you describe .. also you need to considere is a 4 cilinder engine and more noise ..

Now if you comment had a new injectors and calibrate the diesel pump and very very importante you have thermostat don't worry ..

I'm with Tapage .... the thermostat could be your problem. If the engine is set up to factory specs, then the noise you are hearing are probably quite normal. However, if the temperature range is not correct, then you may experience more of that "3B knock".
Thanks guys!
New thermostat was put in as well.
Is knocking not predetonation? Is this not bad?
I was told that knocking on a diesel is the same as pinging on a gasoline. Could it be cetane level of diesel?
I'm just trying to learn.
Thanks again!
Back off the Injector Advance as much as possible, But not too much till you get white Smoke from the Exhaust.
[This is what I would reccomend for reliability.]

But if you want as much Horse Power as possible you will want as much Advance as possible, But not too much till you get Detonation(Same as Knocking and Pinging)
[As the Temperature increases, So does the Injector Advance(Till Detonation)]

Cetane should not be the problem as the Injector pattern can fix it.
Welcome aboard Tapage, nice picture, and good to see out of country people here. I'm no toyota diesel expert, so I won't chime in here except to say you should post your questions at the diesel toyota land cruiser list as well...(dtlc). I believe list info is on the home page...Cheers, Alan

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