Fuel Heater Questions

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Dec 14, 2021
Kelowna, BC, Canada
I have a 2L diesel that I'm putting in my 4runner. Originally came out of Canadian 84 2WD Pickup. There is a fuel heater on the fuel filter assembly. As I am doing all the wiring myself, I am curious how the heater worked and how I should wire it. Does it turn on while running, or before starting? Think I could even leave it on overnight or would it just burn out?
Pic? The factory HDJ fuel heaters work on vacuum - thick fuel increases vacuum in the fuel lines and pulls contacts together in the fuel heater to warm the fuel. Heater receives switched power.
Sorry heres a better picture. Numbered 1:

It's sitting on the back of the housing when mounted
Annotation 2022-01-27 190313.jpg

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