Fuel Gauge Fluctuation

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Oct 9, 2006
Dayton, OH
I've been noticing my fuel gauge acting strangely. Here is what I am observing. When I start out in the morning and I am sitting at a quarter of a tank. Drop the kids at school, grab coffee, and head to work. When I get back in my truck the fuel gauge is reading 1-2 needles higher than it was on the previous trip. I have never observed it falling 1-2 needles between trips, only ever rising. Obviously, the gauge falls! Just not abrupt changes, from trip to trip.

I am not sure if something is up with the float in the tank? Anyone have any thoughts?

The truck runs and drives fine and no CEL. The gas cap is ~2yrs old and get no pressure release when I open the tank.

Nothing that I am worried about, just an observation I have noticed over the last few weeks. It could have been happening previously, I just didn't notice it.

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