Fuel Fragrance

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Nov 13, 2008
Albuquerque, NM
OK, the hood struts are done. Twenty minutes working, ten minutes swearing, job finished, hood works. BTW, thanks to all of you for your input.

Another small issue: last year about this time of year I noticed a heavy fuel odor in the garage one day, but I put it down to a little spillage at the station since I had just refueled. It was hot that day.

Yesterday I noticed the same thing in the garage and it was a hot day as well, no refueling involved.

Is this indicative of a fuel filter getting ready to go out, or just due to a hot day after running the a/c? I have no leakage anywhere that I can find, and a clean floor. (I check every day as I am getting into the truck.)
A fuel leak may not leave a puddle on the ground. You could have a deteriorated hose/loose clamp to a fuel injector, for example.
Can you tell where the odor is coming from (underhood or rear of truck)?
If your check engine light is on, there may be an evap emissions code stored which could point you in the right direction.
A tiny bit of gas vapor makes a ton of odor! The vapor is flammable, so definitely pursue this! We don't want to lose a rookie member!
...and I don't want to get lost either! The odor is at the front of the truck, under the hood, not the rear as far as I can tell. No check engine light or indication inside the cabin that anything is amiss until you get out of the vehicle.

This only happens when the outside temperature is 90 or above and I have been driving (city driving) for well over an hour, stop and go, more than likely with the a/c on.

My garage tends to hold heat as well, so I frequently pop the hood once I'm home and leave the garage door open a few inches for air flow.

I will take the plastic engine cap off today and inspect hoses and clamps. Just had a coil done and my mechanic didn't say that anything else was needing attention...:hmm:...may have to check into that...

Thanks for the suggestions pokie.
I think the evap system is marginally sized on the 100. A relatively large number of complaints of fuel smell on hot days at high altitude (very low atmospheric pressure). I get this occasionally after a low gear climb in the Rockies when the truck is very hot.

I would not assume there is a problem unless you smell gas constantly. The FSM info on troubleshooting the evap system is a tough read and I don't think any real problem areas have been identified on the board. My guess is you have simply maxed out the evap canister's capacity but nothing is actually wrong. As long as you are driving there will be no problem because the engine is sucking in the fumes but when it's shut down but the truck is still hot it can't handle the load.

Probably not a fuel filter problem.

Your garage needs an vent fan mounted high to evacuate the hottest air and draw cooler outside air in. With a thermostat this will really help keep the house cool. I worked in Albuquerque too long to think leaving a door open was a good idea.
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Thanks NMuzj100. Yeah, I have been looking at the garage roof and thinking it's a little warm here, maybe I should vent it. I think that is one mod i'll do this summer. Last three have been several things all in a bloody row that needed doing, and I am just about "this old house" out if you get my meaning. But the vent is a hundy related item, right? So clearly I need to make the effort-lol!

You're right about the FSM being a tough read...going through it now...well, better than whats on tv!

Thanks again.

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