Fuel Evaporator Tube-Connector repair

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Apr 21, 2019
Hi all,
I've noticed recently a leak of diesel from the evaporation system hoses, this happens mainly when I fill the tank which I have the bad habit of filling it really full, and it seems like there's fuel going up these hoses.


Not only that but there's a tube connection part n° 77209-60041 and one of the pipes cracked so I really want to fix this. I could also leave it as it is and stop filling the tank like I need every drop of diesel.


That's the part right there, from what I understand it's just a male-male connector for the hoses, so I could run a hose straight up to the evaporator. What I don't get is why 5 hoses, in 3 different sizes, what does each one do?

If anyone has this part laying around in good shape, please send me a PM.

No thoughts on the vent manifold, but looking at the rust scabs on your filler pipe (77201), you may want to source and replace it at the same time. They pinhole corrode under those scabs and one day will start leaking. And they are very near the level of the bottom of the tank.... lots of fuel to drip, drip, drip.... I had that issue a few years ago, with fuel everywhere all of a sudden.
As well the tank connector hose (77213B) hardens over time and is NLA, but it’s a straight run and you can use commercially available marine fuel filler hose, it’s reinforced and far superior.
Actually the part was easier to find that what I initially thought.
The fuel filling pipe it´s easier to find so I´ll go for it later on, but thanks for the advice!

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