Fuel delivery issue

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Jun 5, 2018
The Woodlands, Texas
Fellow cruiser men,

My stock 84 FJ60 is doing funny things which are leading me to believe I have a fuel delivery problem or an igniter that is at the end of its life.


Drive #1 - I drove 20 miles on the highway and hit a bit of traffic, let my foot of the gas and the truck died. I restarted it fine, but I needed to keep my foot on the gas to keep her running. After sitting for 4-5 hours I drove home and nothing weird happened.

Drive #2 - I drove about 20 miles on the highway and hit light traffic, slowed down and then accelerated in third. The truck bucked and the then felt like I had no power despite having normal RPMs. She felt very flat the rest of the drive. After sitting for 5-6 hours I drove home and near the end( about 20-25 miles in) I lost power again and the truck felt very sluggish.

So I’d love opinion from everyone, my plan right now is to check the filter/lines for blockage and the sight glass. I think it has to be a clog, pump or igniter issue. I’ll take pictures and post them at request when I work on it tomorrow.

You can also disconnect your EGR temporarily if you’re still smogged. It could be hanging open. It’s one more thing to rule out.
I had the same symptoms when my ignitor was failing. Solved the problem with a 1HZ.
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EGR valve might've sticking open. It was a common problem with mine after driving on the highway for a bit. If it is stuck, it requires forceful persuasion to unstick it, simply pulling its vacuum hose won't work (on mine). I had to connect a longer vacuum hose to it and blow with all my might with my mouth to snap the valve shut.
Update if anyone is encountering similar issues.

Symptoms: hard to start, truck needed choke to idle, bucking when accelerating, hard gas bogged engine, felt like the truck was getting extra air in the mix.

So I desmogged, deleted the hac valve and did the green wire mod/emission computer delete and found a bad vcv chasing my issue to no avail.

Turns out a clogged primary jet was the problem. A can of carb cleaner blew it out and she’s runs great.

Thanks for all the help gentlemen.

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