Fuel Delivery Help Needed - '91 FJ80 (1 Viewer)

Oct 28, 2012
St. George, Utah
Hello All:

I'm having a hard starting problem with my 1991 FJ80. I have to crank it several times (sometimes 5-8 times) before it will start. While cranking, it doesn't seem like the engine is getting fuel. Eventually it will sputter a bit and on the next crank or two will finally start. Once I get it started, it runs down the road fine. Maybe a little rough running at first but it then evens out.

So far I've replaced the fuel pump, no joy. Then replaced the fuel filter, still no joy. Then replaced the EFI relay and 15a EFI fuse, still no joy. Any insight or advice where to go from here greatly appreciated. THANKS!
Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
How do you know the engine is not getting fuel during cranking?
Have you checked fuel pressure?
When was the last full tune up?

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