Fuel control relay/ edic motor issues

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May 20, 2019
Hey everyone,

Trying to figure out where a problem is.

I've read up a lot now on the subject but still trying to get answers.

Basically its the issue of edic motor pushing the rod forward and momentarily cutting off diesel supply causing the old thing to hiccup down the road.

Sometimes it happens when no accessories are on but say I turn on the head lights and air the problem is constant and I can hear the fuel control relay ticking over in the kick panel.

I've found that if I unplug the fuel control relay that I have no issues at all . Obviously to turn the car off I have to plug it back in or stall the car.

I have a new battery and alternator and have checked the voltage regulator they are not faulty.

Any help would be awesome.
9 times out of 10.. this is an earthing issue, especially when it happens more often when the headlights are on. I would remake your major earths, clean up the attachment points with a wirewheel, new terminals if necessary.. get the engine, chassis and body earthed really well and it will likely fix it.

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