Fuel consumption

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May 28, 2002
There have been many threads about milage for a 2F or 350 or whatever. My question is; how much fuel are you using on an average wheeling trip? I recently went for a 2 day trip, about 4 hours each day and used almost 11 gal. It is not running rich at all, but that seems like a lot of fuel to me.
This is a pretty vague question, since you did not specify the type of wheeling that you were doing. Crawling around at low rpm's just off idle, will not use the same amount of fuel that running at a faster speed up and down hills, or through muddy trails, or just covering more ground off road in 4wd. I have been gone for eight-plus hours one day, and can use anywhere from 6 to 10+ gallons of fuel. Totally depends on the speed and distance traveled both on and off road, and the total running time of the engine.

Another thing that you did not mention is how your truck is configured.(Engine/drive train/gearing/tire size.) These things do contribute to the fuel usage, and would be different from someone running a set of 42s. :)

Fair enough.

I have a 2F/420/3spd 4.11 and 33s. I was crawling in 1st quite a bit, but never higher than second gear. The terrain is hilly/muddy ruts and some smallish rocks. The total distance covered was about 6 miles each day. Most of the 4 hours was about 2500 RPM.
If you maintained 2500 rpm's for four hours, you are going to drink a fair amount of fuel, 2F or small block. I do not think that this seems all that far off.

Its decieving for sure, I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something.

Thanks for all thre relies.
I've been running my '78-40 here in the mountains of western North Carolina mostly on pavement but some on gravel and dirt roads and the best I get is 11 mpg. I have a Weber installed.

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