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Jun 21, 2004
Northern Virginia
So I was getting ready for a trip to Uwharrie early next week for some wheeling and noticed a gas smell. I realized that my fuel line had broken(rusted through) and upon further inspection that my fuel check valve was cracked and leaking as well. Several hours later now and no one in town has a check valve in stock. I went to the dealer first and they said it had to be ordered from Japan. So my question is do I really need a check valve on the fuel line? If so any ideas of what will work?

Background- 1973 FJ40, Aussie 28 gal tank, still has charcoal canister, stock fuel pump, aisan carb.

Thanks for any help, I tried to do a search but did not find anything.
I guess it was a dumb question

Since no one has any ideas yet I just ran a line without the check valve. Seems to run fine, I just don't know if there will be any issues with vapor buildup. If anyone has any experience with this please chime in. I was also wondering if I shoud just pull out the charcoal canister like the earlier '40's? My buddy has a '68 and '69 that have no charcoal canister or check valve. Does anyone see a downside to pulling it all out? Seems like the other threads that address this issue always end up with the suggestion to keep these, but maybe I am missing something.

Sorry if these are dumb questions, I am still learning.
I got a check valve from Cruiser Dan a couple years ago. It was $33, but I think I saw a generic one at an auto parts store for $5 after that.

I assume that if you don't have it, there's a possibility of saturating the canister with raw gas.

I'd keep the canister, even without the valve. It can't hurt. I ran mine without a valve for a while, and it seemed fine.

Hey Rocky, thanks for the advice. I am stressed b/c I am running out of time before a 6 hr trip to wheel and the fuel system is so important.

Wish I were out in AZ

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