Fuel capacity-tire carrier queries interconnected?

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Dec 17, 2003
My 1997 LX450 is nearly in the condition I thought I bought it -- I have learned an EXPENSIVE lesson that I thought I knew: Never trust anybody you don't have to trust; never take any chances you don't have to take; and people from St. Paul, Minnesota -- well, we won't go there.
I want more fuel capacity -- a larger fuel tank or auxiliary fuel tank, space for which can be where the spare tire is beneath the cargo area.

If additional fuel capacity takes space for spare tire, I'll need to put THAT somewhere.

More fuel capacity being the priority, what are the least expensive ways to obtain larger fuel capacity and have access to the spare tire. One solution I do not want is to put the spare in the cargo area.
Lots -- I mean LOTS -- of snow around here as soon as you leave the Missoula valley.
I queried for reliable Land Cruiser repair shops in October, when the horror story surfaced. The only shop in western Montana that got good reviews was Toyotas Only.

Having made payments on their retirement condos for the next two years, I concur. Toyotas Only 406.327.0014 are competent, considerate, quick.
The OEM subtank (import from OZ) mounts above the spare. It has a capacity of ~13 gal. You didn't say what you needed as a minimum. C-Dan did a 'Mud write up on his install. George has a write up on his web site. Ron (Paradise Cruiser) also has an OEM sub tank but I don't recall if he did any kind of write up on it.
There are ALOT of posts about this subject. It is not as simple as it seems it should be, but quite doable.
over here in oz, we install long range fuel tanks , for the 80 its 190 litres / 50 gallons i think the converted rate is and install a rear wheel carrier.I am not sure of the fuel capacities of your trucks, so i hope this helps here is a link to 1 site http://www.4wdsystems.com.au/html/tanks.htm
I think I reccomended Toyota's Only, did you find their pricing out of line? Just curious as they always seemed very fair priced to me. I am glad to hear they did a good job either way.

Who in Missoula have you had a hard time with?

Whats the mention of St. Paul, MN about? I lived in Minneapolis for 7 years.

Looks like we run in the same areas, Missoula, Minneapolis ... now you need to move to Maine for a bit and then here to Bellingham, I'll buy you a beer when you get here.:D
My HDJ-80 have both tanks .. principal and sub fuel .. so the one is above the spare tire, and the sencond in the mid of the car under driver side
But of course the OZ aux tanks are NLA/very very expensive stateside currently...
tiorio said:
But of course the OZ aux tanks are NLA/very very expensive stateside currently...

:mad: :censor: :mad:

300 mi range w/ stock tank on a vehicle that begs to be driven to the corners of the earth. And NO easy way to fix it!!!

AGAIN, I say :mad: :censor: :mad: :censor: :mad:
Look at the thread in the outfitting section as their is one person trying to put a group order for The Longe Ranger by Out Of Town 4x4. a 44 gallon tank that takes the place of the spare. later robbie
Montana Cruiser:

Were Toyotas Only prices fair? I can compare their prices to the local Toyota-Lexus dealer's estimate. Much lower.

Were repairs inexpensive? I never asked myself the question. When the seller in St. Paul refused to make things as we discussed and refused to send the [additional spare] parts that were part of my buying price, my only recourse was to repair the truck. And whatever it cost, it cost. Period!

Were I to be forced to live on the east coast, outstate Maine would be my first choice, outstate North Carolina my second. These choices are far down my list, though. And I'll not be forced to make either decision.

Oh yes, I lived in Skagit County until recently. . . . Is that Rod Serling over there?

Right now, decisions pertain to where in western Montana to buy property. And to wander around now, I need my truck. Catch 22.
The OEM 13.2 gallon tank would meet my needs -- about 180 miles in the back country. Getting assemblies for installation seems to be a problem. George still has his controller available. But other parts, aside from the tank proper? Looks like a job.

Part of results wanted is to keep total outlay reasonable. One way of achieving these results is to NOT be forced to buy a bumper w/swing-away tire carrier. OEM tank achieves that.

I'm checking after posting. Thanks.

I'm checking your suggestion, too. Thanks.
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There is always the roof carrier or safari rack. You would proably be able to find this set-up alot cheaper than the swing away/bumper setup. Depends on the look you want.....
Manufactured from 3CR12 1.6mm Stainless steel. All tanks got baffles and stiffness inside. Approved fuel line is being used ( no radiator hose). You will get a 2 year guarantee on fuel tank. Gravity feed to main tank, fill through existing filler. The capacity of tank is 73l.
Price: R3135.00 incl vat & fitment 1-3 vehicles
R2758.00 incl vat & fitment 4-10 vehicles
R2489.81 incl vat 7 fitment 11 + vehicles

I'm sorry. I don't follow what you wrote beyond that the product is made in RSA.

Please be as complete as you can.

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