FST Reflectors

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Nov 14, 2008
Middle, GA
Do the early (65) fst's have side and or rear reflectors? I have no holes where they would go....did I just answer my own question....
65s were pretty basic i have a 69 fst with no marker lights but 1 reflector on the bib and a 70 fst with marker lights front and rear and no reflector.my 65 and previos 65s had little in the way of lights or reflectors .there are probably photos on here that will show you good luck
hmmm, never seen one in the bib. I seached and found a ton of pictures, but they are all over the place. Seems like every fst has none of these anywhere. Destins new rig https://forum.ih8mud.com/fj25-owners-group/283131-1964-1965-fj40-fst.html is the most complete original I have seen posted in a while (as far as my digging goes) so that is kinda what I am basing the question on. Guess the fst's have none....anybody else out there in cruiserland know anything different?
Geez..I don't know! I knew I'd have a picture in my sniper file where I collect pics but couldnt find one.....
I'd thought they were the same for both the fst and the hard top but who knows....
The cool pics JohnnyC has in the 25 registry shows reflectors on a 63? hard top....
yeah, i checked all of his pics out and found the same thing.....confusing....
it should be the same as a hardtop AFAIK...side reflectors and one rear...opposite the spare tire.

are you 100% sure...nobody brazed the holes closed or the sides were redone and painted over?

what does it look like on the inside of the tub? any indication that they were there?

EDIT....i looked over some pics....and....some FST's didnt have the reflectors :confused:

there's always an exception to the rule....the reflectors may not have been a federal thing...but...area specific?
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AHA!! Thats what I was thunkin.....Thanks JohnnyC. Not 100% sure of anything on this rig, but, I did check both sides in the rear and the drivers in the front....nada....I dunno, maybe they didnt have them on this rig. I will try and get some shot tonight when i get home and give you guys a visual. Standby.
I looked on my 65 fst...the PO lovingly preserved what was left of the reflector screws with spray on bedliner....
These are drivers rear quarter and passenger rear quarter...
Then, the drivers rear (opposite spare)....I had a hole there from where the PO did something so I put a reverse light there....you can still see where there were screw holes that were filled...

Although a purist at heart, I'm not sure I want to put reflectors on.....



I think 65-66 40s It was a Port/market requirement or DOT that dictated Kioto or USA reflector's or none go figure :hmm:




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I decided to remove my reflectors they were in rough condition and I added the 68-73 back up lamp too

hmmm, well, I checked and found that there is no need to take pictures because nothing is there. No brazing or bondo or any kind (thankfully) anywhere. I guess mine have none. Thanks for the help to all.

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