FSM of the early clutch/brake masters (tin cup)

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Jan 9, 2003
Posted in the 40 section, no response there. Hoping to have a little more luck here.

Anyone have a FSM diagram or even better copies of the rebuild/overhaul procedures for the E-9/66' tin cup clutch and brake masters. Working on a special project and am having a hard time finding the OEM specs. Thanks in advance!
What, my scanned diagrams weren't what you wanted? :frown: :confused:
They were exactly what I wanted. I missed them by a few minutes before posting this thread :D

Thanks again Dave, you rock!
After Kurt brought it up, I recalled my old plan. So, just for grins, this morning I decided to see if I could put together a tin cup clutch master from parts.

The master I used is the tall plastic cup type that was specified for 9/66-6/70 (which has the 9mm fittings). The tin cup version was for 1960-9/66, and neither one is available anymore, AFAIK.

I have a tin cup that my good friend Degnol (Ed Long) rescued from either his old brake or clutch master and brought me a few years ago.

It was easy short work with a 19mm socket to take off the plastic cup and put the tin cup on. I used the tin cup reservoir bolt, and it's the same size and thread pitch as the 66-70 version. Fit like a glove!

Since I like to keep things as original as possible on this truck, I think it will be fun to put on tin cup masters.

Unfortunately, since there are no more 9mm NOS cylinders, we need a good rebuild kit for all pre-9/70 masters, should it become available.

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