FSM... full of lies!

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Sep 25, 2007
Abbotsford, B.C.
So I just got my FSM fo my 95 LandCruiser. Great big impressive book. So as I'm leafing thru it, I keep seeing pics of an OBDII reader being used. I can find no reference in the book to the OBDI set-up.... which of course my truck has:mad: Now most of the trouble shooting is out the window. Guess I should of ordered the 1994 FSM. Of course then I would have got the wrong tranny!

Second thing I've noted was that the eng coolant temp sender requires a 17mm socket not as 19mm as the FSM states. Nit picking I know, but I'm just that kinda guy!

Other than that so far, I'm glad to have the book. It does look like it will be quite useful.
what month was yer 80 made... and how do you know the 17mm is a Nippondenso?:D
*Hilux beat me to it, you do realize that '95 was the changeover year for OBD to OBD2, right? Even my 4Runner made 7/95 had some differences when it came to wiring and other small bits.

Wherever you got your manual from you should be simply be able to request the relevant diagnostic pages at no additional cost. That or just ask a member here to scan you the necessary pages.

Calling the topic "FSM... full of lies!" seems a bit incendiary to me. Any person who wrenches knows what "FSM" stands for...

Find Some More: (tools, manuals, money, time, etc)! :lol:
So much is lost in the written word Vs spoken.:D Mostly just joking. I'm learning more about the 80 series every day; from this excellent forum and from wrenching.
I ordered my FSM from Toyota publications the day after I brought the truck home. I wasn't really aware yet of the change over items. My truck is an early build date, jan or feb I think.

I've just done some searching on OBDI here and found a complete list of codes and how to use a paperclip;)

I don't know what make the sender is. It was leaking a wee bit after my coolant flush and fill so I wanted to tighten it. Of course I brought out the wrong socket!:wrench:
Have you looked in the fuse panel to see if it has a obd2 connector?
Jan or feb would be a late 95 build date wouldn't it?
If I remember correctly, pretty much every 95 owner on here that's mentioned it has said their trucks are OBDII.

I think this is pretty much true. My guess is that the non-OBDII '95's were manufactured in '94, and sold as '95's.
My last FZJ was a 3/95 build and had OBDII

b/c technically, a Cruiser with a born-on date of 6/94 and up, is a 95.

1st month - 6th: That year...
6th month - 12th: Considered the next year...

Don't ask me why... The boat ride?:D
My old 95 was OBDI..I'll look and see if I can find the build date. I thought october was the cut off date ie 9/94 woud be a 94 and 10/94 would be a 95 ?
According to your sig you still got the dial, so life could be worse. You're one of us "8% -ers".

I might be talking out my butt, somehow I think I know that if you get serious into a tranny job there's a supplemental book like how there's a supplemental wiring book for the electrical chapter.
Why all the guessing? Look on your engine decal under the hood. It will say for sure, if it's still there. See pic:
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I don't have that decal as the PO had an engine fire and that wasn't replaced. The door decal says 02/95. The fuse block in the cab has the cut out for the OBDII above the fuse block but no connector. There is a connector in the eng bay on the fire wall. The truck also has the A343 tranny.

And yes, I'm happy to have the dial.:D
OBD-1 wiring harness?
It's possible. The harness was replaced as a result of the fire. Would the harness work with that motor/ECU?

Just looked at the insurance paperwork. The entire harness and computer was replaced. Do the OBDII trucks have the diagnostic plug in the engine bay/ firewall as well? Mine looks like it was always there.:confused:

I hope this doesn't cause me grief later if/when I start getting codes!

note: everything works perfect right now and the PO had it for 5 years after the fire without issues.
OBD-II trucks have both plugs. Not sure what's active in the engine area one though.
Hopefully the previous owner has not had work done to take it from a OBDII to a OBD 1. That would be just wrong.
You can also look at the computer over behind the speaker on the passenger side. It will also say what it is used for.
Look up behind the dash and the fuse box to see if the data link is tuck up behind it and not installed correctly.
I would think your truck should be OBDII, not a OBDI truck. Hopefully you do not need to pass emissions, because this type of fix would not pass emissions here in the states(you can not go back in years, only forward to transplants).
Good luck
Open the hood, on the US driver side there should be a sticker on the bottom of the hood. It will say OD1 or ODII certified.
The underhood decal is not there. I don't think that it was replaced after the fire.

The truck has been through our emission testing at least twice since the fire.( and passed) I think that they only look for the OBD plug in on 96 and later vehicles. I'll have to have a look at the computer and also have a root around under the dash to see if the data plug is actually there.

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