FSM for 87 on Birfield?

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Nov 16, 2004
Oceanside, CA (Fire Mountain)
I swore that I found a Factory Service Manual online in PDF some time ago but can't seem to locate it. Birfiled? I can't find anything there now (sites down). I'm looking to rebuild an '87 Split Transfer Case.

Any suggestions?


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do you just need the part fopr rebuilding the transfer? If so I might can get it scanned in and emailed to ya. It will take me some time though

Birfield.com is where I downloaded my chassis manual....axles are in there.
I do, but even the low-res version I have is over 100 mb
Actually, I think I can copy the specific pages that you need and .zip 'em up and emial them to you. What exactly do you need?
send it trough yousendit.com
too many pages for what I was planning on doing. how fast do you need it? i can print the tcase section out and mail it to you, or if you have an FTP site, I could *probably*upload it to you if you give me access.....
dom, PM sent...
I actually need it too, if you could zip the whole think and email it, i'd appreicate it because birfield.com no longer works.
I've got the whole hi res pdf but its 600MB. I'll be happy to ftp it to anyone who wants it. PM me host name, ftp path, login and password.
I was just able to send the low-res version to Dom using yousendit.com (does not work with Firefox). I'd be happy to send the low-res version via yousendit.com to whoever wants it (you have to "join" the site, but it only requires name and email). PM me. I have the HiRes version too, but I'll leave that to IH8Wood!


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