For Sale FS: Ruggedized Tepui Autana 3 RTT - Oakland / Kyburz CA - $2,300 (1 Viewer)

Apr 2, 2018
Oakland CA
We have recently gotten a small cabin in American River Canyon and have been ground tent camping more and thought it was time to sell our plush RTT setup. Our 8 year enjoys the ladder but prefers sleeping on the ground - go figure. The canvas was replaced a year ago and is in excellent condition. I have the original canvas which is actually also in great shape but it did suffer a small tear for which Tepui sent me a patch kit and the second canvas. Should your primary tear, this second canvas would be a fast and easy replacement with the Zipper Gimp system - it really is quick to swap. This tent also comes with an unused annex in brand new condition. I am also including our shoe caddy bag (you can see hanging in the photos) and a 1" memory foam mattress we keep inside the tent at all times (still closes easily). The zipper closures on the storage tarp are in excellent working condition - everything works great actually!

For local pickup only. I could meet you somewhere in the Bay Area within an hour's drive of Oakland or in the South Lake Tahoe area. My cabin is in Strawberry at Lover's Leap and I spend about 50% of each month there.

Included for $2,300:
- 2nd Expedition Orange canvas w/ patch kit
- Expedition Orange Annex
- Memory foam 1" topper mattress
- Weatherproof Shoe caddy bag that attaches to RTT




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