FS or Partial Trade: '07 FJC TRD SE $28k-obo 18K-miles

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United States
For sale (or partial trade) one 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD Special Addition 6MT, Loaded Including:
- Factory 6 disk CD/MP3 player - Satellite ready
- Factory Subwoofer
- Factory Passenger arm rest
- VIP alarm system with motion sensor

I owe around $24K, but will also consider a partial trade for a FJZ80 or older Tacoma 4x4. Must be automatic and must be in daily driver condition (but some minor modifications would be great).

The FJC currently has just over 35K miles on it. I've given it Regular oil changes using Mobil 1 Synthetic and high quality filters. Tires have been rotated regularly. I've also kept a log of all maintenance done.

I've also added:
- Man-A-Fre Skid plates (Complete Kit): Installing Skid Plates in March 2008
http://gallery.spaldam.com/v/Spaldam/2007_02_FJC/2008_03_SkidPlates/- Parabolic side Mirrors (no more blind spots)
- Rock/Undercarriage Offroad-Lights w/ "factory" switch
- Electrical wiring to power radios, extra outlets, GPS, etc. (all but ready for a secondary battery)
- CB Radio - Cobra 75 WXST and Bandi Mount Install
- HAM Radio (but will likely remove before selling, unless you really want it and are licensed to use it.)

It's in great condition. Been off-road a few times, but only on easy to moderate trails (no rock crawling). Only minor scratches and dents.

Pictures can be found here:
Fun in an '07 FJC
Or more specifically here:

PM me or e-mail me at "spaldam [at] spaldam [dot] com" and I'll get you my contact information.

I'm located in the northern Dallas area. I'm selling it were/as is (except for add-ons - make your own delivery arrangements), but it still has the factory warranty coverage. I WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR MORE THEN THE PURCHASE PRICE. Serious offers only please, but feel free to make an offer.
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