FS OME OEM hight

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I'd like to take first dibs as long as shipping is within my budget. I live in CA 90670. Let me know. These are the 861/862 correct? Thanks.
Second in line

I'd be interested. Shipping to 58704. Second in line!

Thanks for all who are interested.
Yes they are for the 80s.
The 2.5" OME should arrive from Slee on April 29th. I expect them installed on the weekend or Tue by the latest.

I will go down the list next Tue to find the first buyer.
I have paid via paypal but never received on it. I believe it should work.
I will check with UPS the cost of shipping as well.
Shipping will be in two boxes. Each box is a box within a box:
To zip code 90670 cost is $80.00 (1st)
To zip code 58704 cost is $60.00 (2nd)
To zip code 03801 cost is $40.00 (3rd)

So are these items sold.....just checking. Thanks

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