FS: OME add-a-leafs

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Jun 20, 2004
Round Rock, TX
United States
I have a set (2) of full-length Old Man Emu add-a-leafs for sale in Round Rock, TX. These are the leafs used to convert the rear Medium-Heavy OME springpacks on a 60 series into full Heavy. New, never used, but they've sitting in my garage for a while. Australian-made, not the newer Kalahari stuff made in Malaysia/Indonesia.

$100, you pay shipping or come pick them up in Round Rock. They are *heavy*!

PM me if you're interested or email at <cubillan@earthlink.net>
TTT, adding an OBO.
A they for the rear only?
I am in Lubbock, TX 79413 is there a way you could find out shipping?
What is the difference between these units and the ones MAF sells.I ask becouse of price MAFs are 45 bucks a set (I think).
The OME are made in Australia, the ones MAF sells are made by McCoy Springs in Canada. I imagine the big difference is the OME ones are engineered to increase load carrying capacity with the OME springs whereas the McCoys are a generic add a leaf. OME gets $45 each for the Indonesia made Dakar add a leafs.

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