FS: Modified '00 Xterra XE 4x4 - $2,500 Hudson WI

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My wife hit some black ice on I-94 and hit the median a couple months ago in the X. It runs fine and drives straight - we still drive it to work every day from Hudson, WI to Minneapolis. Below are pics of the damage. I just bought a tail light and plastic corner piece to replace the damaged ones. I just painted the sliders too - I will upload some new pictures once I have the light and bumper plastic replaced. There is some rust on the rear hatch – factory defect from iron filings in the paint. The rust is limited to the rear hatch only - the rest of the body is rust-free. We have 4 other vehicles and we just got a station wagon to replace this because we have another baby on the way and my wife has trouble lifting our other one up into the Xterra. This is a 5 speed manual transmission, btw. I'll also throw in a ski rack and a pair of Salomon Axendo shaped skis, boots and poles that were only used for one season when we lived in Colorado if you want them. I haven't used them since we moved here. Currently has 196,000 miles. Lots of aftermarket parts. Get a whole truck that's ready to roll with everything already installed for less than the cost of the aftermarket parts alone!

• 4 new (less than 2,000 miles) WildCat AT tires (31x10.5/15)
• ARB winch bumper
• Shrockworks Rock Sliders
• Fabitron T-Case skid plate
• Heavy Duty Calmini steering system
• Calmini Control arms
• Calmini front limited slip differential
• Warn Premium manual hubs
• SLR 3" Rear Shackles
• Bilstein shocks front and rear
• Practically new Hidden Hitch - used only once

FYI, I am looking for a Canon 5D mark I or II, a 1D or 1DS Mark II or III , an EF-L 70-200/2.8 lens or a newer Macbook Pro. If you have one of the aforementioned to trade, I'm interested.

If it doesn't sell in the next 2 weeks it's off to ebay or the junkyard, so don't miss your chance. It will be gone one way or the other - I just don't need 5 cars right now. No, I will not entertain trading another vehicle for this one. No, I'm not desperate enough to entertain lowball offers, so don't bother emailing me with offers of $1500 "in cash". I've already had offers for $2k; please don't bother going below that.

One more thing - there is a crack in the windshield that you probably can't see in the pictures on the passenger side. Depending on your insurance you may be able to replace it for minimal or no cost. I know I only paid $100 for my last windshield. I also had the AC checked last fall. The low pressure line needs to be replaced. The system has already been purged and diagnosed, so you don't need to pay for that again, which was like $300. You just need to buy the new hose and have it installed. I have the paperwork on that.


I just drove it tonight, and it's such a smooth ride I'm going to regret not having it around, but I REALLY don't need 5 vehicles right now. Three of the other are antiques (including the 40) and the fourth one gets 40+ mpg, so this one gets the boot first. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the country tomorrow though - it's already been to OH, CO, KY, UT, TX, MT, SD, WY, IL and WI - all of them multiple times and it's never let me down.

not to be a schmo, but you should get a serious shot/pic (or a couple) of that damage back there... so one can get an idea of how bad it really is... I assume its a "totaled" truck in the eys of insurance right?
I have better pictures of it. I was waiting until the tail light and bumper come in and I've replaced them to put new pics up.
Here's a shot of it anyhow. The sliders have been painted since then, and the tail light and the corner plastic will be replaced shortly. In the eyes of insurance I suppose it would be totaled, but we only have liability on it and had no plans to make a claim, especially since another vehicle wasn't involved. So it has a clean title right now. The damage does not affect the doors at all - al of them still open and close just fine with no rattling. You wouldn't know it had been in an accident from driving it. The only part of the frame that was affected was where the ARB is mounted, right above the crumple zones, which deflected slightly. It doesn't affect the steering geometry though and could probably be pulled back into place pretty easily if desired.


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