FS misc. fj40/60/00' taco parts

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Jul 24, 2007
Sudbury Ontario Canada

Im in the midst of rebuilding a 69 fj40 and have a bunch of spare parts that need a good home. Ill throw together a quick list but If theres anything particular you need feel free to text or pm me and I may have it. Texting is the best way to get me and I would be able to send pictures of anything youre interested in.

Also have some misc bj60 parts lying around. (rear doors, tail gate panel...)

40 parts

-rough front fenders, spring green over bondo. bottom part of mount cut off lol. free

-manual steering box, leather wrapped steering wheel, all tie/relay rods incl. pivot dealy. make an offer.

-2 sets of half barn doors, one rough, the other has a crappy fix it attempt glued to it, can be cut in half to make one good rust free set. Hinges incl, latches missing. make an offer

-single belt crank/fan pulleys, good condition. make an offer

-oe lic plate mount, good shape. would come w the oe lic plate light. make an offer.

-oe back up light for ds rear tub corner w mount, can be resto'd. make an offer

-2f crank. Was told it had been machined and polished but no guarantees.. m a o

-rear heater, worked when vehicle was taken apart. m a o

-factory roll bar, super cool vintage speakers incl. Has 3 pt seat belt mounts. m a o

-oe front shock mounts at frame, oe manual steering box mount. m a o

-oe rear bumperettes, great shape, have hilift mounts. m a o

00' Tacoma

-complete drum to drum 00' tacoma 8.4 rear axle w recent gears (410). m a o

Things Im looking for.

-early round fj40 "tuna can" front signals. Would consider the later rounded rectangle looking ones as well.

-rear fj40 "toyota" badge

-gears to fit 86 bj60 axles (411-519) or whole thirds. Locker(s) would be a bonus.

-fj40 specter lookin bikini top. Running a metal tech family cage so somethin that would fit that decent...

Thanks for looking

Darwin 705 698 9532

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