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Hey guys,

I am not getting paid on this just wanted to help out some fellow Cruiser fanatics. I wish I could get paid for this.

I have a friend who is a contract car finder and I noticed in his list of cars a bunch of '93 to '00 Cruisers. He actually specializes in LC's and knows about the vin #'s on the body panels and the diff locks. Please contact him if you are interested. There are 3 listed for this weeks sale, a '94 - Champagne with 133k miles, '96 WHite with 72k miles and '97 white with 68k miles. There are a ton of '98s t0 '00s. He is looking at the '94 for me. Basically you buy the vehicle at a huge discount and pay him a finders fee. That is all there is to it. He is sending me the post sale report on Cruisers for the last sale. Interesting the '97s are very expensive because people are looking for those. The '96 & '97 LX450s are cheaper than LCs of the same year and most have diff
locks. The '98 and newer LX470s are more than compareable LCs.

His name is Jef Berger. His phone # is 919-671-1182 and his email is jefrei@hotmail.com

He is located in Chapel Hill, NC.

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