For Sale FS/FT 88 FJ62 141k White NO RUST ALL ORIGINAL.....looking for....

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United States
Well, I just bought a new car, and am selling my old VW :( so I am itching to get something a little older as a second car. First I'd like to say that my FJ62 is AMAZING and needs nothing at all....I love it to death, but if I can find a nice clean late model FJ40 with PS and AC I would be interested in trading. The specs on the FJ62 are below...

1988 FJ62
White with gray cloth
141k original miles, original motor
Paint, original, no peeling clear, extra clean
NO RUST!!! AZ car originally
No ripped drivers seat
No cracks in the dash
Everything works (lights and guages too)
Crank windows (early 88')
Car has 3 1/2" vinyl stripes (red,orange,yellow)
Yellow fog lights
Tow package
Extremley clean

Price: $15,000

Please e-mail for photos, and please send photos if you have an FJ40 that you would consider trading. Thanks!
um, transmission? Lockers?

If this is an A/T non-locked 60 your ask is pretty steep.
Automatic, BONE stock, no lockers
This Cruiser used to be an Offical Arizona state University vehicle. I have the log book shwoing whwere students had to sign the car out for field trips. There is still some slight ghosting in the paint that you can see at the right angle that reads, "Arizona Stae University Official Use Only" also an ASU logo, and a Sundevil. Car is a superb example of a stock, all original FJ62.

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