FS BFG's, fender flares, etc.

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Apr 17, 2003
On the catwalk.
United States
I have 5 BFG AT's in 285/75/16. Tires are in good shape with probably 70% life left.
250 plus shipping gets the set.

Mud flaps front and rear for an 80. 75 Bucks + shipping and their yours.

Factory Fender flares all 4 off of a Moon glow pearl 95FZJ80. They have some trail pinstripes on them but would look great if you plan on doing a bed liner project. The scratches are only notable on 1. 125 for the set and you pay for shipping.

I also have the factory boots for the running boards. The set that connects the front flairs to the RB's and the set that goes on the bottom of the rear doors. Make me an offer.

Factory wind deflector's for the sunroof as well as the rear hatch. Make me an offer.

All items are located in Houston TX. Email me if interested in pics.

Many Thanks,
Nick Mora
are those 33's i don't know the measurement the other way and am too lazy to find out. also do you have pics of the tires?
Bump ttt

Flares have been sold and I am dropping the price of the BFG's to 200...
somebody buy my chit. :flipoff2:
i got the pics. thanks. you know what shipping to austin texas would be?
Hmm if we meet in the middle it won't be too bad. :slap:
Sorry though I had a buyer that came by to look at them. If his finances get in line (read, wife lets him) then he is buying em. I will let you know.
Tires are spoken for
Flares are not any more (still available)
Mud flaps front and rear are gone.

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