FS: 8/83 BJ42LX - reluctant sale, extraordinary opportunity - in Syd Aust; RHD

Jan 28, 2007
Well, those of you who recognize my user name and saw my original "should I buy thread?"
will wonder what the hell happened!?!?!

Life, work, family, financial circumstances and priorities have overcome me and I must reluctantly look at selling this beautiful vehicle to someone who will appreciate it for what it is, as I did. I have enjoyed every minute driving, working on and owning this magnificent example of an 83 BJ42 LX in the classic mustard yellow.

It is pretty rare as a model (last of its kind in a way - they terminated the series in 84 and its an LX to boot), and only a few were brought to Australia. Still fewer LX of this vintage grace our roads and off-roads in the condition this one is in:

No detectable rust,

no leaks besides the typical untraceable slight weeping,

beautiful painwork under which the original rivet work can still be seen; some spots of touchup and slightly thin here and there but with the original pin-striping and eagle graphics.

Original style bullbar with channel for front tow ball

reinforced tow bar at rear.

Original Toyota PTO Winch in full operational condition, including original toyota f/n/r pto joey box and in cab shifter.

Factory AirCon working beautifully,

1980s vintage UHF radio and antenna on front bar.

Modern IPF driving lights - one pencil and one spread beam.

Original dual battery setup with 1/both/2 selector in cab

Original seat trim in beautiful condition - no tears or stains

Original interior roof trim - no tears, sags, marks or damage,

Modern cd/mp3/am/fm stereo with speakers fitted to front doors.

Original vintage steering wheel cover

Triple windscreen wipers (an LX feature) work on normal and fast but intermittant no.

Rear sliding windows (an LX feature) original glass all round and in great nick.

All locks work, rear door lock and steering lock included.

New Tyres on original LX rims: BFG ATs to correctly match the 4.11 ratios (pics in the thread linked above show a smaller tyre on the original rims) including spare. Still as new.

5 Speed Manual transmission (LX and rare)

Underbody in fantastic shape - was rust proofed since new and not showing any signs of deterioriation.

Slight patch up at exhaust pipe where it exits the muffler - which will last the remainder of the life of the muffler.

No dings, scratches or damage to body, frame or bars.

276000 km on clock,
all instruments work and illuminate (if you could call it that!) with parking and headlights.

all exterior lights work

tow powersocket works

Starts evry time if allowed to glow properly and assuming it hasn;t been frozen. Never ever let me down starting,

Throttle, brakes and clutch fully servicable

Has done highway driving and easily cruises at 120kmh and is able to handle and push along at 140 (but probably pretty inefficient at that!)

Disc Brakes front, drums rear - very servicable

Power Steering

Keyless entry ( if you leave it unlocked ;) )

window winders fully functional

all interior trims and covers, stickers on glovebox and dash etc almost perfect. Some small plastic parts have worn but could easily be repaired or replaced.

Does not have the rear "Jump Seat" - I have been tossing up whether I can afford to ship one I found in the States over and don't think I can. This would complete the vehicle to original fully specc'd showroom level of its day and make it a 6 seater.

All in all this is a remarkably well presented vehicle which is 100% operational from onroad to offroad, without any aftermarket/extreme modification or alteration. The motor and all running gear is original and in excellent condition.

I intended to keep it for the long term and work on it further - but also take it fishing and camping but now our circumstances have changed and its not suitable as the DD for a young one car family where we live so I am going to have to do the right thing by it and sell it to someone who cares enough about what it is and wants to keep it original and in the working state it deserves.

I invite all interested parties to contact me and I will clarify any questions asked. I will not put it up for sale elsewhere at the moment because I want enthusiasts to see it and I am in no immediate rush - it is garaged (as it always has been) and I want to get what it is worth and see it go to the right owner.

I may post on some other enthusiast forums but not on a carsale site or ebay yet.

It cost me $10,000AUD and some to get it to where it is at. It didn't have the larger tyres, pto winch, new stez, new driving lights or UHF Radio in it when I purchased and I am looking at an asking price of


Photos going here:
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Best regards and yours in mud

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