FS 4 hubcaps off of a 64 fj40

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May 28, 2008
Badger, Minnesota
United States
there is no rust on them and they are a lil dinged but they aren't ripped or anything. they are the original. 50 plus the ride. if you want pics i can e-mail them to you. would prefer to send them to the lower 48. if you want to e-mail me directly it is weez440@yahoo.com
replied to all 4 e-mails. john has first chance at them. i will keep everyone informed of how this goes. if interested i got a couple more things to sell like driverside mirror tie rod and 1 brake light. also could get rid of the 5 stock rims but shipping would be killer. after john it is destin tony and then dom

Are you sure you really want these? :grinpimp:

I've got eight vehicles that were imported into the US with these on and I don't have anywhere near that many hub caps. So I'll take what I can get. These are going to need alot of work anyway. Yes they are already here:) Still need to get a couple with the factory cut holes. All my were done locally here in the US:frown:

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