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Aug 22, 2014
United States
1991 Toyota Landcruiser VX Limited 4WD Turbo Diesel $10,000 obo

Located in Mission, BC, Canada.

It’s sad for me to part with this vehicle as I have had many adventures however as I am spending most of my time overseas, I'd rather it be in the hands of another adventurous person making more use of this amazing truck than to let it sit. I imported this vehicle in 2006 and it only has 139, 297 kms on it.

I have replaced the original big end bearings with a new set of tri-metal bearings and new bolts. The new bearings are also plasti-gauged to proper clearances. I also installed a temperature sensor in the exhaust manifold and a gauge above the dashboard to monitor the exhaust gas temperature.

Transmission system flushed and fluid replaced. Cooling system flushed and fluid replaced. Both front and rear brake callipers replaced, brake pads and rotors are still in good condition. King pin bearing and gasket sets replaced. Bearing and knuckle seals replaced. New hub gaskets. Front, center, and rear differential oils replaced. Wheel bearings repacked. Oil, oil filter, and fuel filters have been replaced at scheduled intervals by myself. Timing belt, tensioner and idler bearing have been replaced at 100,000km. In case you are concerned about my workmanship, I am a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer and I have the full set of the factory maintenance manuals including overhaul manual (cost me over $400USD for those manuals).

I also have the paperwork of the work done by my mechanic at ATEB in Burnaby who specialises in Landcruisers.

To note, there is a slight underbody rust which you can take to ATEB to have it de-rusted and coated with an undercoat. I have been meaning to do this over the past few years however, my situation being overseas prevented me from doing so.

You can call the number +1-604-820-0090 (Mission, BC, Canada) and speak with my father (Anthony Wong) for a viewing (as I will be overseas) or you can pm me for more info
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Engine: 4200cc Turbo Diesel inline 6 cylinders
Automatic Transmission
Air Conditioning
Power steering
Power mirrors
Power windows
Power door locks
Power sunroof/Moonroof
Alloy wheels with off road tire package
Full size spare tire with alloy wheel
Two tone velour interior
5 passenger seating
Front, Rear and center differential locks (electric)
Console refrigerator with ice/cool settings (requires servicing)
Split rear folding seats
Aftermarket ladder
Toyota double den stereo system
Window curtains
Aftermarket racing steering wheel
Custom built bed with camping stove
3” Stainless steel exhaust system

5 Engine.jpg

8 Interior.jpg

10 Interior.jpg
Nov 15, 2014
I called a few weeks ago, sold quite some time ago and at that price...not surprising.

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