FROZEN H2O PUMP?.... NOT! (1 Viewer)

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Feb 10, 2003
Rogue Valley
I posted a week ago with a story about something freezing up upon start-up, and letting out a horrible screeching sound (belts not rotating smoothly). Initially I guessed it was the water pump but have since found out it's the emission pump. The bearings are going in the pulley. Replacing the part is over $900 for the Toyota part.
It has been suggested that I remanufacture the pump so it just spins. This has to be a temporary fix until I can find another pump; I live in Oregon and need to pass the emissions test.
Your suggestions on saving $$ on the part, and the reman. idea are welcome!

Thanks very much!
thought I recalled hearing NAPA reman smog pumps were good and under $100

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