Front wiper leaks

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Mar 28, 2003
I didn't want to jump all over someone elses thread as I usually do so I thought I would start a new one. Has anyone else found by running synthetic in the front axle they get leaks at relatively low miles. I went to synthetic at 5K miles and was leaking on one side around the wipers at 20k miles. Dealer repair - dealer put in regular 90#. I changed back to synthetic and was leaking on the other side at 30k miles. Dealer repair with regular 90#. I left this in and have not had a leak for 30k miles. Miles not exact, but you get the idea. A reliable non-drunk friend once said "If you have a leak, synthetic will find it". Any others with similar leaks that have a rough idea of the miles they are getting with/without synthetic?
The design of the front axle and the location of the inner axle seal, should keep 90# (dino or syn) from getting to the wipers.

I put syn grease in the knuckles over 15k miles ago. I switched the F&R diffs to synthetic gear oil about 5k miles ago. No leaks as of now.

Synthetic get past seals easier than dino oil. I have seen many examples of increased oil leaks from engines and tcase seals after swapping over to synthetic.

I've changed to Mobil1 Synthetic in the axles & transfercase & tranny since it was 39Kmiles - no leaks - no oily dust around the seals at all (now at > 63Kmiles).

Does that mean you have >63K on the original seals or was there a rebuild/replacement at 39k miles when you switched?

Besides the upgrades, all the parts (thus seals) are original. All maintainance replacement thus far (besides fluids) are platinum plugs, pcv valve, cap & rotor; that's about it.

Thanks Frank,
I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

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