Front wheel stud replacement??

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Mar 5, 2003
Seattle, WA
I was looking at the front wheel of my '78 FJ40 with the wheel off. Is this the process to replace the stud?

1. take the brake caliper off
2. take the hub off (those nuts) - if so, will I be needing the gasket?
3. pull the rotor out
4. separate the rotor and replace the stud

I need help. Thanks.
sounds right, shouldn't need a gasket, but I'm cheap and tend to use RTV-blue quite a bit.

don't forget to remove the tire too :D
Do you have a shop manual? It can come in handy when putting things together again. You'll also need the hub socket to reset the front wheel bearings. Use antiseize on the cone washers before reinstalling them (you'll find out why when you take it apart ;)). The threaded hole in the end of the axle shaft is to put in a bolt which will help in the reassembly process. You'll quickly fnd out why.
You don't need to seperate the rotor from the hub. The stud runs from the back of the rotor through the hub. Just pound them out.
Hit them with a hammer, out to in. I put on an expendable nut, first.
[quote author=Jonathan_Ferguson link=board=1;threadid=6846;start=msg56407#msg56407 date=1067404044]
What if your Studs are Pressed in and you don't have Disc Brakes? ;)

The studs are always "pressed" in. Actually, it's easier to pull them through with a lugnut on the wheel. If you are planning on re-using the studs hit 'em with a BHF with a brass hammer between the BFH and the stud. Not using them? Just smack with the BFH.

Disk, drum ... don't matter. I just replaced all the wheel studs on the back of my 69 (PO used 7/16" nuts, dumb fxxx'r). Smacked them through with a BFH and they dropped right out.
OK, I'm confused now. ??? Does the rotor slides out after I take off the brake caliper? If so, this will be easier. It looks like the rotor (the part with the studds) is connected to the hub (or hub cover).

I broke one of the stud. So I just need to replace that one. I don't have a manual so, could someone describe to me the process? Thank you very much.

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