Front U-Bolt Flip Kit Sucks to Install

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Dec 3, 2004
Altadena CA
This is a front 4-Plus U-bolt Flip Kit from Man-a-Fre. As others have complained, the u-bolts are a little wide, but that really wasn't a big deal. The problem was the limited amount of clearance in which to work. Specifically, I could only turn the inner nuts about 15 degrees at time with a 24" ratchet. I couldn't get enough torque with a shorter ratchet and had to use a deep socket because of the thread length. When I do the other side I think I'll cut the excess thread off the u-bolts after the nuts are snugged up. A shallow socket will give me a little more room to work. It's a nice product but what a pain.
I just went through what you are talking about. I found that with the front wheels removed it was much easier to do.

But then I ran into the issue of bending one of the top plates when getting close to factory spec torque :mad:

you can see my whole thread about it here. The bending part is on page 3

Oh, and I would not cut those threads off if I were you. If they ever start to come loose, you want as much thread on there as possible to give you as much warning time before the front end collapses and jams that wheel into the wheel well. That is just my opinion.

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