Wanted Front spring mounts

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Feb 14, 2012
Omaha, NE
United States
I've decided the next step has to be suspension. I know it's never going to be a smooth ride, but getting springs with actual curve in them and new shocks will do a world of good.

I'm going to reverse the shackle reversal. My though on the mechanicals is that Toyota knew what they were doing so back to stock with it.

I have the shackle hangers, but no mounts for the springs at the front.

Anyone have a set they're willing to let go? How much?

Are you looking for stock rivet mounted ones. I have a pair from Ruff stuff it that would work for you.
This isn't strictly a true restoration so those would be ok. How much? Where are you located?
So I'm not always so smart. I started thinking about this again this morning and I actually need the shackle mounts for the front.

I'm looking for the mounts that go at the very front of the frame. I have the spring mounts that attach to the frame just behind the front wheels.

Maybe you got the idea from my initial post, but I wanted to clear things up.

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