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Yep your suspicions are right. Why would you want black?

A local shop did mine about 5 years ago. I brought her the individual cushions. Both buckets, both jump seats and she re-covered both front seat headrests. Ten pieces, for $450.00. She copied the jump seats and I installed them with the old foam. She added foam to the existing on the front seats for additional lumbar and thigh support.

I went through her sample catalog and picked my colors, patterns and welt. She matched my grey soft top fabric, in two patterns, and accented with black welt.

She gave me a break on the price 'cuz I used to send her a lot of business but for $600 you should get all yours done, not just the fronts. For the $$$ I wouldn't dick around ordering aftermarket covers and try installing them myself to save a few bucks on labor. There are some things best left to experts.:cheers:
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Wow. Seats look fantastic. Did you look specifically for an automotive upholstery shop? Trying to figure out who to send mine to in Fort Worth area.
A friend gave me some stock seats that were thrashed but the metal parts were ok. I took them apart, sanded, painted and reassembled them so the upholsterer would know how they went back together. I picked out the material and color I wanted, gray vinyl, and he added foam where needed and reupholstered for $125.00 each. I have just the 2 buckets seats. The reason I got it done so cheap was because he did them "in between" his other jobs. I see alot of people here on mud that order the seat covers from vendors and do it themselves with great results.
Professionally speaking, I really think that $600.00 is excessive. My shop just recently re covered 28 bucket seats and head rests for Stallion Bus & Transit, for $1300.00, labor only. This was for a brand new commuter bus that is going to Northern Saskatchewan.

Actually, we only did the cut and sew and their crew pulled the fabric and clipped them into place. But still, the job was done in two days flat, start to finish. I pay less than $7.00 per yard X 54" for quality, Made in America, fabric and even from a distributor or, JoAnn fabrics you would only pay $14.00 or so, or less. Do the math.

With the economy the way it is it shouldn't be difficult to find a small shop to do a quality job at a fair price for both parties.

For my 77 Fj40 I just lucked out and found two buckets from a totaled 2007 Corolla that had been sitting in the back of a mechanic's shop along with a few other unsold parts. $80.00 for the pair. The gauge cluster is stuck at 32,+++ miles. Gave the seats a good bath with a few drops of dish soap and a half cup of white vinegar in a one quart spray bottle. Scrubbed them down, rinsed with clear water and vacuumed them with a shop vac.

I do not do upholstry work. But do have 14 sewing machines, 40 foot long tables and a 32 foot long fabric welding system.
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If you reuse the existing foam, rotate the likely-less-used passenger side to the driver's side. It would cost more than $600 to get the pieces and do it yourself.

If you're patient, I got near-new OEM foams and repro covers from the classifieds and various times for about $350 total.
I got two estimates from Reputable local shops. $650 - $800
The cheap Mexican place wanted $450

That's what it costs around here, too. Well, the reputable shops, anyways. We don't have cheap Mexican places in NH.
I did mine with the Cruiser Corps DIY covers for $300 shipped. Their workmanship is flawless and the fit is perfect. My only complaint is that they are a lighter gray than the OEM covers and I love that original dark, dark graphite. If you're just getting black, all the major DIY covers (SOR, Cruiser Corps, CCOT) come in black.

Save some money and support the cruiser economy. :)
I got two estimates from Reputable local shops. $650 - $800
The cheap Mexican place wanted $450

The Mexican shop may do a better job. That's where I'd go around here. Just make sure they use quality marine vinyl and not some cheap crap.

I had front and rear seats, door panels, and headliner done for $1k. They also installed a carpet kit I had purchased while they were at it.

I don't normally like that kind of mod, but yours is really nice. It's like a Lexus interior kit.

I did mine with the Cruiser Corps DIY covers for $300 shipped.

That's what I got too, but mine were 2nd hand, still new. $200 shipped from the classifieds. My foams are very nice originals I got for a great price, like $100 for a set of four shipped. Between my two rigs, both passenger seats are in great shape, so I have two full sets of good foams. All this stuff is just sitting around my garage waiting for me to get to it.
lgotta40- your's looks great!!! nice price too. where did you get your carpet kit?

I am leaning towards black because I was going to take out the rear jump seats and put in a bestop trailmax fold and tumble.

Like this one: Bestop 39435-01 TrailMax II Fold and Tumble Black Vinyl Rear Bench Seat: Automotive

I have two little girls that I would like to take for a ride someday, so the jump seats need to go in storage for a while.

Normally I do all my own work, but also thought this might one of those things left to the experts. Although, after that estimate, I was inclined to find some covers and do them myself unless I find someone in the $400ish range.
MOTOV8R said:
I had front and rear seats, door panels, and headliner done for $1k. They also installed a carpet kit I had purchased while they were at it.

More pics of this rig?
Just took my 2 front seats to 3 upholstery shops for estimate.
first was 400.00 for the two next was 700.00 third was 1000.00
all 3 shops do good quality work so it pays to shop around.
If you dont have a cheap mexican shop you soon will. Their work is very good but I would supply your own material. I really like naugahyde marine grade. Specter makes great foam inserts , I have never sat in 20 plus year old foam that was any good. Mike
I got mine done for $300

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