front , rust free hard doors off a 77' FJ40. $250 colorado (1 Viewer)

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Great Deal they are worth more jump on these !

Even at $200 each they a good deal. Best of luck whoever gets these first~!
These doors sold last april, the buyer has yet to pick up. If they are not gone in the next week, his money will be returned and they will be re-listed. I forget who the buyer was so hopfully he will see this post and get back to me. thanks.
Put me in line , shipped to 35630

Motoloco - I bought these doors and we spoke on the phone about three weeks ago. We discussed some other details. I will PM you as I thought we had worked this out.

Dave you bought these doors last APRIL! Spoke with you mid SEPT. and said the really need to go soon. You have my contact info but still have not heard back. Make arrangements by monday nov. 29th or I will send your money back and sell them to the next in line. Thanks
Its been a few weeks, but the doors arrived fine and are in good shape. There are actually three stock colors on the doors: Dune Beige, Freeborn Red and Olive. Seen some miles, no doubt.

Hope you were able to re-sell the hood I bought.


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