Front Rotors turned at 50K???

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Rollin’ on 33s
Jun 2, 2004
Port Washington, NY / Edgartown, MA
I dropped the truck off at Bayridge Toyota this morning for a LOF and NYS Inspection.

Of course, I get the call in the afternoon that my front rotors need to be turned and new pads. "Also, flush the brake system and PS..."

I don't drive the truck much as you may know and I wonder if the wheeling I do has put an aggressive amount of abuse on the PS pump.

Brakes, I can understand. Heavy vehicle, lots of heavy mods. Did the rears last year.

This garage replaced my rear diff out of warranty last year when I blew it at Yankee Toys Fall Gathering. They're decent guys overall, and I bought the truck new there in 02.

Just wanna make sure I'm not getting hosed, which I'm sure I am.

I asked for the pads back, FWIW.
its more age with the fluids, and you driving miss daisy is probably why the rotors need turning...slowpoke always on the brakes. I need to do a fluid exchange on my PS too. I'd ask them to not touch the front brakes until I can inspect the pad life myself. The rotors dont need to be turned unless they have severe ridging on them and/or you're getting a pulsation.
I was thinking the wheeling and city driving added it up.

What do I know.

I'm going to bed.
I'd be surprised if your rotors need to be turned, but it kind of depends on your driving. If you drag the brakes, how quickly you stop, etc. Also depends on if the rotors are hot and you dunk them, stuff like that.

Pretty easy to tell tho, get moving at a good clip and brake hard. If you feel the pedal pulse, that's the rotors.
yes, there is a lot of rotor turning done that's not necessary. Eh, they got to pay for the lathe and how many customers can tell if it's really necessary or not...

And unfortunately, when you turn them down you remove mass, which means they heat up faster, which means they will warp again faster, which means you'll have to re-turn (with little left before very long) or replace them soon...

If they are really warped, replacement may well be a better way. In fact, I would not be surprised if the manual doesn't call for flat out replacement as soon as they exceed runout limits.

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